Wednesday, February 24, 2010


seriously, i'm so done with winter.
normally i start feeling like this in march, but this year as soon as the holidays were over i was ready for some spring.
although, if colorado decides to provide me with a huge snowstorm. (one that actually closes schools) i might be able to change my mind for a bit. ;)
ever since winter started i've been trying to convince charlie that he needs to go snowshoeing with me. i've never been and always wanted to go. and since we're REI members we get pretty sweet rental rates.
when my parents were here over the holidays they went cross country skiing at Devils Thumb Ranch. they pretty much couldn't stop talking about it and the "ranch" has both skiing and snowshoeing trails. it's also a pretty easy day trip for us, although i was thinking it might be pretty nice to head there for the weekend.
they have the cutest dog-friendly cabins. that i've been thinking would be perfect to share with some friends for a weekend.

i also wanted to try skijoring with henry. i realize this might be a death sentance. henry LOVES to pull, which is pretty useful when we're backpacking, but i haven't been crosscountry skiing in 20 years. i'm betting my skills aren't that good. and if he happens to see a rabbit, or a bird, or a deer, or a coyote .... well, it could get ugly. but it could also be pretty fun.

i've got spring break coming up at the end of march ... hopefully i can convince charlie to give up a day of downhill skiing. if not, i might have to check this out on my own.


Kat said...

Do it! It is so much fun! Beautiful terrain, minimal skill (even for the uncoordinated) and cheaper than other winter sports. Andy has some ridiculous video of us jumping off bridges and just running around. Do it if only because you live somewhere where you can actually take advantage of it.

As for the skijoring- xc skiing is hard but also fun/beautiful. My rec is to go out once without Henry just to get your bearings.

Is there a time I can visit where we can snowshoe and it's warm enough to climb a 14er?

Emily said...

I love snowshoeing - I think you would too! We've only done some trails outside of Boulder for quick morning trips, but I've had my eye on a weekend at Devil's Thumb someday!

Emily said...

We go up to the Brainard lake area - Left Hand Reservoir a lot because they allow dogs. Here's my first source when I'm looking for a new place, but my MIL also has a Dog Friendly Colorado book that we check against, too: