Sunday, March 7, 2010

office help.

our cozy little apartment got a slight makeover on friday.
despite the fact that we're still renting, i know that we're going to be where we are for a few more years. so i've tried to make it as cozy as possible on the cheap.

our office is on the first floor, when you walk in.
since charlie works from home when he's not traveling, it gets a decent amount of use.
unfortunately, it's also the place where we dumped all the furniture that didn't fit/match anywhere else.

it's currently home to our futon, random shelving unit, charlie's awkward desk, and a second bookshelf. a lot for a little room.

here's what it looked like when we first moved in ...

office before
futon handed down/stolen from my parents + ugly furniture from my aunt.

office before
lots of crap + photo of dunkin i want to get rid of + awkward huge desk.

obviously there's a lot of things i'd like to get rid of and charlie kept complaining how "uncozy" the office was. so after $70 a target here's was i tried to do ...

curtains + pillow covers + a wrinkly sheet.
the futon is also where the dogs sleep. it's their one piece of furniture. the sheet was much needed.

almost done ...
moved the dog picture & added a little color to the corkboard.

i couldn't get rid of the dunkin picture ... charlie would never go for that one.


Emily said...

Office spaces are so hard - they're so prone to junk, right? You did a great job - LOVE the punches of green.

Julie said...

It looks nice and organized, and I'm sure much easier to work in. I love the throw pillows!

Jodie said...

It looks great! Awesome job :)

Taryn said...

Good work. My whole house is mismatched- I am impressed you contained it all just to one room.