Thursday, September 9, 2010

fourmile fire

if you live in colorado then you probably know that a wildfire started just outside of boulder in fourmile canyon on monday morning.

about an hour after the fire started, we decided to leave to hike mt. sanitas.
i've hiked sanitas probably about 5 times and it's definitely one of my favorite places to take people or to meet a friend for a quick hike when you don't have all day.

as we got on 36 we noticed a huge cloud of smoke.
after googling "boulder", twitter informed us that there was, in fact, a fire.

we decided not to hike sanitas (a good thing because sunshine canyon was later evacuated).
and stopped at the overlook along with news crews and everyone else.

4 mile fire
this was probably about 2 hours after the fire started.

instead of sanitas we went south to the doudy draw trailhead.
definitely a boring walk, but not in the path of a huge fire.

four mile fire
this was on the community ditch trail, just east of eldorado.

i've seriously been obsessed with this fire since.
and i cannot believe how many people have been and are being evacuated.


Emily said...

It's just awwful. We've had a few friends evacuated - My in-laws are far enough south and east that they're only dealing with lots of smoke. I love Mt. Sanitas too - used to run it with the boys I nannied for in college!

Anonymous said...

dear 6, thank god its not you being evacuated!! listened to our fav zac brown band/van morrison mix and thought of you on the drive home tonight... love you

Taryn said...

Good choice on avoiding the canyon. Can you imagine if you had tried to hike it?

It is so sad! I am also amazed how many people are being evacuated. 20 families from our church have been evacuated and two people from our church have lost their homes! sigh. It is so sad.