Sunday, September 12, 2010


this weekend was supremely lazy.
i mean aside from reading multiple massive policy papers, pulling out my fall clothes (ok, more like 4 sweaters), washing the mutt, and doing 14 hours of laundry, i didn't do much.

the face of judgement
and neither did this guy.

this whole work/school combo has my head spinning all day and night long.
all the reading i've been doing for school feels like it's just one, long paper and when we discuss these things in class i find myself referencing different papers than the ones we're discussing.
although, the good news is that they're all so alike it's not always obvious that i have no clue what we're actually talking about.

i've been having the craziest dreams, too.
although i don't usually remember the details when i wake up.
if i did, and freud was alive, he'd have a field day with my subconscious.

i've just pretty much accepted that for the next 8 months i'll be no fun.
and i'm really ok, with that.
i could {obviously} take less classes, but that would mean more semesters in school and i'm pretty much over being in school.

the more classes i take, the more i realize that i'm sort of a misfit in the world of environmental science scholars. i'll be happy when i have my diploma.

ps. no judgement, but i sort of (ok, really want to) see that movie easy a.

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