Saturday, September 18, 2010

the first signs of fall ...

today i woke up and it was cold, and cloudy and grey, and perfect.
it almost felt like fall was here.
{i say almost because the forecast for tomorrow is 93. not cool.}

of course i've been spending my day studying.
remember, i'm not cool anymore.

i did take a quick break to wander the 'hood with henry.
{don't feel bad for dunkin. he's gotten lots of ball-playing time.}

lazy saturday walk
he's slowly learning to be an awesome on-leash dog.
and off leash, too, actually.
two weeks ago we walked around the entire neighborhood without a leash and he never left my side.
that's an entire hour of "being a good dog". i'm pretty proud of the guy.

starting to change ...
i see leaves starting to change.

i see red!
actual colors.
hopefully they'll change completely before they just fall off the tree.

i also saw my first pumpkin.
i know there are people who feel like pumpkins are only for october, but i love them. especially baked into things.

our wreath
our fall wreath.
i'm not telling you when i put this up.
it may or may not have been before labor day.

now back to studying ...


Katy said...

It's cooling down in Charleston, too. We had some much needed rain that took the temperature down a few notches.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

These pictures are lovely. I love the first one with the pup ahead of you. I love fall photos.

(Thanks so much for coming out of Google Reader and commenting. Means so much to me.)