Sunday, October 3, 2010

i'm trying to get better at blogging and taking pictures.
i swear.
i do it for me, really, so that when i look back i can remember what the heck was going on in my life, as in, the every day stuff. i mean we all remember to bring the camera when we go on vacation or celebrate the holidays, but sometimes the regular stuff doesn't get quite the same attention. and although life has been busy lately, i don't want it to fly by too quickly.
especially since it's fall now. at least it's trying to be fall now.

last weekend charlie ran the boulder sunset triathlon.
it was 90 freaking degrees and it was his first race.
i was pretty proud of him.
awwh so excited.
here he is before the swim, super nervous.

i didn't get a lot of pictures and i will say that i should have brought the zoom lens.

in other news, i cut my hours back at work which has allowed me to have a bit of a life, be a good student, and occasionally grocery shop and vacuum the floor.
it's also given me enough time to actually walk the dogs again, which is good for my thighs, my sanity, and the dogs of course.

we also said goodbye to some of our friends this weekend. :(
they moved out to colorado around the same time we did but decided to move back to be closer to friends and family.
as much as i totally understand the friends and family part, we're going to miss them.

pumpkin beer
there was lots of pumpkin beer and jack daniel's involved in their sendoff.

i also bought henry a halloween costume.
he's a rabid squirrel.
he's not that crazy about dressing up as an animal he usually is in pursuit of.
(i realize this may throw me into the category of "crazy dog lady", however i still believe that "crazy dog lady" is better than "crazy cat lady")

why grandma, what big teeth you have!
for some reason this picture reminds me of the wolf in little red riding hood.
"my grandma, what big teeth you have".
except henry doesn't eat kids. i promise.

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A New England Girl said...

That costume is priceless! I can't stop laughing. :) I'm still on the hunt for Halloween costumes for all of our dogs, so you're definitely not alone... and I so agree: crazy dog lady is MUCH better than crazy cat lady. :)