Wednesday, October 6, 2010

i bet you didn't know that ...


... i am obsessed with doing laundry. there may not always be home cooked meals in my house, the shower might not get scrubbed every week (or two), we may run out of milk and bananas every now and then, but dammit, we will always have clean clothes.
... charlie and i watch couples retreat about every other month. and i realize that it's supposed to just be some funny movie. but for some reason it makes me love him just a little bit more.
... i love jeans, and boots, and scarves.
... i grew up thinking i wanted to be a career girl. now, well, not as much.
... the more classes i take the less i think i know about the world. however, i do love me some school. usually.
... the past few pottery barn catalogs have had some seriously over-the-top halloween decorations in them. i had no idea pottery barn sold things i could buy at party city.
... i like watching the broncos on sundays.
... i love the fact that we are renters for so many reasons. we don't have to mow the lawn, we can pick up at move anywhere at any time, i can entertain the idea of living in the mountains and the city simultaneously, when things break i don't have to fix them, but mostly it's the flexibility thing.
... i love to read. really, really love it.
... and i love books.
... although he can drive me crazy, i love my husband more than anyone else on the planet and i miss him like crazy when he travels.
... i've always wanted to be one of those families that has really weird traditions. one of those slightly nutty families that look a little crazy from the outside but secretly you wish you were a part of.
... i am a procrastinator at heart. as much as i try to fight it, it's still there.
... i have conflicting thoughts about many things such as kids, homes, cars, lifestyles, etc.
... i always go for a walk during the first snowstorm of the year.
... i watch when harry met sally and love actually every holiday season.


Emily said...

Agreed on the pottery barn catalogs - pb has jumped the shark on themes. And I love doing laundry, but not folding it - if you have any inspiration for me in that category I'll take it!

Taryn said...

We watched couples retreat and I found it to just be sad. Not really that funny even. I just felt so bad for all those people. I get what they were trying to say - that marriage isn't easy- but it was just sad to me. but I know what you mean about making you appreciate what you have though. It totally made me love Chris a little more.