Monday, October 25, 2010

i was busy this weekend studying and studying and studying.
grad school makes for some pretty fun people, no?

we've had the most beautiful fall around here, with warm temps and no snow yet. i'm more than happy to have an october with no snow.
in other news, there's something about fall that makes me want to clean like crazy and rearrange everything in our house. i guess after a summer of being outside all the time and not really caring what the house looks like.
we've been trying to organize our garage, which hasn't been completely successful yet.
i want to hang up our bikes and our skiis and apparently i bought the wrong hooks when i went to home depot (although in my defense they're called bicycle hooks).

my parents also called last night to tell us that they're coming for christmas.
we were contemplating going home this year, but i just don't have enough time off work to swing a trip. i'm glad they're coming out although i'm sure i'll be jealous when i head off to work every day and they head to the mountains.

and because i hate posts without pictures, here's a few pictures of what fall has looked like around here.


Fall pup



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Taryn said...

yeah for family coming! I wish mine were coming here- I think we are going to go back home again this year. I sort of wanted a holiday where we didn't go anywhere. Oh well.

Love your pictures- so pretty.