Thursday, October 28, 2010

it's the little things ...

boys of fall

... the night after a ridiculously busy day. one you've been stressing about, planning for, and then you get home and realize it's over *sigh*.
... the glass of wine you have after a ridiculously busy day.
... garage organization. ugh, i sound just like my dad.
... moving things around the house = decorating for free.
... possible opportunities.
... turning the heat on for the first time this year.
... knowing i have a gift certificate to borders.
... friends within walking distance.
... being financially responsible.
... writing papers on the couch in front of the fire.
... halloween weekend!
... sleeping in on saturdays.
.. the fam. coming for christmas.
... my dogs, because it would get very lonely without them.
... when charlie works from home while i study and we "work" at the kitchen table together.
... planning thanksgiving dinner. already.
... ski season is officially here. i suppose i should get my skis and pass now.
... mountains covered in snow.
... my parents sending me pictures of the fence they're building. almost makes me feel like i'm at home.
... video chat.
... paycheck friday. or thursday in my case.
... christmas music. um, yes, it started.


Julie said...

I'll admit I've started thinking about Christmas shopping, but Christmas music??? More power to you. I would be totally over it by Christmas if I started now.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I love Christmas music, too. I just found a Harry Christmas album and almost popped it in. I thought hubby would die, though.

Just Call Me Scarlett said...

I'm trying to save the Christmas music 'til after sunday. At least have to get through Halloween first.