Thursday, September 9, 2010

julia child's beef bourguignon

sunday, we were super lazy and did nothing other than laze around all day, cook, and watch movies.

i finally crossed this dish off of my "2010 things to do list" and i was glad to have some cooking company. it would have been a long, lonely day otherwise.

the meal started with some chopping:
chopped onion + a carrot

moved on to boiling water for some bacon (which i thought was slightly odd)


more raw meet
raw bacon (we couldn't find lardon)

[we got hungry during the cooking and ate approximately a million cookies]
cookies to eat while cooking

here's the boiled bacon:

we (excluding me) made a BLT for charlie with the extra bacon
something to make with leftover bacon (a BLT) and someone to eat it (Charlie)

we used A LOT of this. if julia was really all about the butter, she would have been proud.
butter (don't worry, we had lots left over)

we chopped some more:

raw meet ... yuck

delicious mushrooms


and then cooked some more:

browned rump roast

onions + a carrot

halfway done!

all the copping and cooking made a bit of a mess:
a mess

and made for some very bored animals:
a tired dog to keep you company

BUT, 24 hours later, we had a meal:

mmm ... beef stew


Anonymous said...

i hope it was as delish as it looks!!!

Taryn said...

How was it?

How was the boiled bacon?

Anonymous said...

it was good! the boiled bacon was fine. i didn't even notice it when we were eating.