Thursday, July 14, 2011

baby related things.



i haven't talked about the soon-to-be kid much lately.  not that there's a ton of news but i figure maybe writing this stuff down will make me feel a whole lot better about all we have left to do.  

the baby just turned 19 weeks. which is sort of exciting in my book because i consider 20 a milestone. 
it's been moving like crazy lately, which is awesome and distracting all at once.  
last night i actually saw it move a bunch, the kid must of been doing flips or something.  
charlie has yet to observe any of this because his attention span is all of 5 seconds.  i'm all "oh, the baby just moved" and he's all "ooh, i want to see" and then a few seconds later "i'm bored". 
anyway, it's not only cool to feel but a nice reassurance that everything is fine.  considering that the first few months i had to wait until doctors appointments to hear a heartbeat it's nice to have a daily reminder that it's moving and growing.  

my mom is coming out this weekend.  (yay!) and she's not only bringing lots of baby books with her but she's also going to help us register and figure a few things out.  considering the fact that we haven't done much so far i'm glad we'll be making some progress this weekend and i'm also happy to have her help and advice on some things.  pretty much the only thing i've decided is that i don't want our house to explode in baby gear.  i actually feel like they try to trick first time parents into thinking you need everything under the sun.  we'll definitely be taking a minimalist approach.  i think people think i'm crazy because they one question i've been asking parents is "tell me everything you got that you never used/needed".

we did put down a deposit for a daycare a few weeks ago.  this makes me feel both relieved and terrified at the same time.  i haven't met this baby yet and already i can tell you that i don't want to leave it for 50 hours a week.  however, we toured a few places and the one we decided on is not only the most convenient (it's literally a block from our house), but i liked the people the best.  i'm hoping i'll feel better about our decision as time goes on. 

in less exciting news, i bought my first pair of maternity jeans today.  i had to order online them because i'm short and no one is selling jeans in the summer.  it was depressing how expensive they were. 

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Emily said...

So much fun! You sound so much like me as far as minimalism goes, and it's not hard. Thomas's favorite toy is the pots and pans cupboard. I have a huge list of things I loved and things I wouldn't waste my time on again if you are interested.

I will say I'm not sure it's possible to not have at least two strollers - one compact for getting around and one for jogging and the neighborhood walks. If you find one stroller that handles both of those, I want to hear about it!!!