Friday, July 1, 2011

halfway through 2011.


happy july! i have to admit that i love july. it's smack in the middle of the summer which means the weather is warm, the nights are perfect, lakes are warm enough for swimming, and there's still a big stretch of summer left in front of us. i'm getting over my grumpiness from earlier this week. charlie and i were in bed at 8:00 last night (crazy!) and i think catching up on some sleep helped. plus the car is mostly packed for tonight and i'm starting to look forward to this weekend.

i figured since that it's july 1, it means that the year is half over. this seems pretty scary right now because we have a baby coming in 5 months and all i have so far are 15 newborn diapers, 3 blankets, and a pair of sneakers i wore when i was 9 months old. since we have people staying with us in july i'm not going to worry too much about baby stuff until after that.

anyway, i thought i'd take a look and see how i was doing with my 2011 goals this year. and in case anyone was wondering, those "non-bloggable goals" weren't baby related. :)

for [family]
... make a trip in june to visit our new nephew & watch my sister graduate.
yep! met nephew and watched alex graduate.
... visit telluride again for our anniversary.
we didn't visit telluride but we did take an anniversary trip to glenwood springs. i'm considering this a check.
... ski 3 times with charlie.
uh, i skied once. apparently i don't really like downhill skiing (this has taken me a while to figure out). i should probably change this to 'do something with charlie that he wants to do'.
... get better about returning phone calls/emails. as in return them within a week.
i have gotten better. but i'm still not perfect. i'll definitely keep working on this one.
... send a birthday card to everyone this year. on time.
so far everyone has gotten a birthday card. they all have been late.

for [serious]
... graduate. 3 more classes, including chemistry. ugh!
big fat check. no more school!
... submit my bfr paper to a journal.
not yet, but i'm turning this into a work goal. let's see if i can get it done before december.
... non-bloggable goal #1.
... non-bloggable goal #2.
nope. and i doubt that's going to happen this year.
... save some moolah.
so far we're right on track.

for [fun]
... climb another 14er. my vote is for mt. elbert & charlie's is for mt. bierstadt. we'll see.
this isn't going to happen. :( apparently pregnant women aren't supposed to go 10,000 feet above where they were when the placenta implanted. i'm not excited about this.
... rent/stalk craigslist for snowshoes and find some local trails.
no. i blame school.
... convince charlie to try skijoring with me.
the only winter activity that charlie's really interested in is skiing.
... walk the dogs 4 times a week.
sort of. since it's been warmer and i'm not in school or so tired i can't move i've been much better about this.

for [the home]
... find some new easy meals to make on a regular basis.
not exactly. although if grilling counts then, yes.
... make a monthly menu & shop (okay, have charlie shop) once a week.
i've definitely been shopping but the meal planning isn't happening.
... redo our table. either sand and stain or sand and paint.
i have plans.
... organize the storage closet in the garage & get rid of things we don't need. like my 7 boxes of teaching stuff.
this is definitely a summer project. and since we took all our camping gear out it might be a good time to do it.

so it looks like there's a lot of stuff left to do. honestly, between being and school and pregnant i didn't get anything done in april and may. i can definitely say that the last semester was a lot more work than i initially predicted and i am so happy that it's done. also, having a baby definitely creates more goals and 'to-do lists'. right now i have about 10 mental ones running through my head which i should probably put down on paper for my own sanity. but not until after this weekend.

happy fourth!

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