Friday, July 8, 2011

i have a confession: i don't like flying.
i'm not scared, i just find it to be a huge pain.
it takes so much time to park, wait for a shuttle, wait in the security line, wait to board, and then wait for everyone else to board. and i'm sorry but 95% of the products that use every day do not come in a travel size, which means i either do without or check my bag. charlie yells at me when i check my bag and it weighs more than 50 lbs. because of all the shampoo, lotion, etc.. also, i'm a homebody. i love being at home, hanging out on the balcony, eating the food i like, and having the dogs around.
currently my job requires that a travel a small amount. honestly, i can't complain at all about the amount of travel because it's really pretty reasonable and flexible.
this week i was in omaha for work. and not really looking forward to it. however, it was seriously the best work trip i've ever had. see, people in the midwest are really, really nice. i mean, people in colorado are nice but not like out here. every person i walk past says 'hi'. people go out of their way to hold doors open, make conversations, and just go out of their way to he helpful.
the east coaster in me doesn't understand it. where i grow up people won't move over to share a sidewalk with you let alone ask 'how your day's going?'. and if you're driving in dc, watch out. dc has probably the worst drivers in the country. my dad has gotten rear ended five times in the past year. five times! and each time he was at a dead stop. charlie found some survey that quizzed drivers around the country on basic driving rules. dc was dead last. people actually answered that when you see a yellow light you should speed up.
anyway, this trip has made me realize that even though i don't like traveling so much i probably shouldn't dread it as much as i do. i'm ready to come home, eat whatever charlie's grilling tonight, and take the dogs for a walk but a night or two away from home isn't so bad.

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