Tuesday, July 5, 2011


this past weekend we drove up to wyoming to do some camping.
i admit i was not in the mood to shop and pack for a trip but i'm so glad we went.
we had the most relaxing weekend, canoeing, swimming, laying in hammocks, making smores, and watching the sunset over the lake. i was pretty sad to come home on monday.

we had planned to camp in wy for fourth of july weekend months ago. however, when we found out that the park wasn't taking camping reservations because of flooding we figured there was no way we'd ever get a spot. then last week we found out that some friends were heading up there earlier in the week and they offered to save us a campsite so the trip was back on.

we drove up friday night and set up in the dark.

we finally got some use out of the tent (which was a wedding present).
it survived 30 mph winds and rain and kept everything dry.
the winds did cause a tent pole to splinter but the entire thing held up just fine even with that.

our campsite was right on the water, which was perfect for the dogs, who could live in the water, and the canoe.

we also took the dogs canoeing. they loved it! all this pictures are of dunkin although henry jumped in, too. i even got both of the dogs in by myself and paddled around with no problems.
and i did figure out that it takes a lot to tip over. at one point dunkin jumped out and then later henry fell out and the canoe was fine. i don't think they loved their lifejackets, though.

boat dog


we spent a lot of time in hammocks.
this was taken right after charlie fell out of the hammock.

and watched some pretty sunsets.

wyoming sunset

we had a very happy & relaxing fourth of july weekend!

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Alex said...

that tent is amazing.