Wednesday, August 3, 2011


i cannot believe that it's august.  i love august, because it's hot and sticky.  but it makes me sad that it's now completely dark by 8:30 pm.  although considering the fact that i've been going to bed earlier and earlier each night i should appreciate this.  i know august is going to be just as busy as july.  between plans we already have, being gone for a weekend, and trying to get our house back in order things it's going to go by fast.

last weekend pretty much consisted of furniture moving, shopping, assembling, and lots of cleaning.  we did actually make it to ikea.  i'm now convinced that one store employs half the state of colorado.  it was totally packed, which charlie wasn't happy about.  luckily, i had about 4 items that we were there for so we were able to move in and out of the crowds pretty easily.

we have curtains for the baby's room.  these weren't my first choice but they're definitely growing on me and they go pretty well with the rest of the stuff in the room.

in other news, the baby is doing well. we had our 20 week appointment, complete with ultrasound where we did not find out if the kid is a boy or girl, dude or dudette.  this wasn't even a little difficult for me, but i know it was hard for charlie.  and i had a lot of people telling me that i'd change my mind and find out.  sorry, suckers.  didn't happen.  charlie thinks it's a girl.  i think it's a boy.  we have no names for either gender.  although since abby's introduced me to nameberry i've been completely addicted.

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