Wednesday, August 24, 2011


so aside from the usual:  work has been crazy, i've been napping, it's crazy hot outside right now, i'm getting fatter every day, there hasn't been a lot else going on.  

i went home 2 weeks ago for our baby shower and it was so nice to see family and friends.  my mom and my sister put a ton of effort into making food and banners and wrapping presents, which was really nice but mostly it was just nice to hang out.  the weekend flew by way too fast, and i was more than a little sad to leave on sunday.

we were very lucky and received tons of gifts from people, which i've been trying to find places for in our house. the baby's room is where we've been storing everything so far because it just doesn't make sense to clutter our whole house with things 15 weeks before the baby's due.  we've also been trying to slowly get all of the other things that we'll need before the baby comes.  the biggest items that we still need are a stroller, a rocking chair, and a breast pump, both of which are expensive.  we also still need lots of clothes, but i'm waiting for stores to shift to fall/winter clothes before we get those.  

last weekend we hung the curtains in the room, and i'm not completely crazy about them yet, but they keep growing on me.  we also hung some pictures, we're doing a gallery wall above the dresser/changing table, although i still have to fill the frames.  

here are the curtains. i was using a 50 mm lens so i could only zoom out so far.  i'll have to take a bigger shot of the whole room once we clear some things out of it.  

we were supposed to go camping this weekend but changed plans when we found out that we couldn't leave until saturday for a first-come first-serve campsite that's 3 hours away from everything.  originally, we thought we would stay the night in either glenwood springs or steamboat springs if we couldn't get a campsite but the lake we were planning on camping at is over 3 hours away from either town.  i'm hoping to plan a weekend away in september just because it'd be nice to get away with charlie one more time before the baby comes.  

ever since i saw the movie julie and julia i've been wanting to make the bruschetta that they ate in the movie.  i just used tomatoes we had around the house, but we did fry the bread like she did in the movie and it was delicious.  it's definitely not a whole meal but it makes a great appetizer even though it's pretty messy.  

i've been walking the dogs later at night, as in right before it gets dark, because it's been so hot.  if i tried to take them walking when i got off of work i'd only make it a block or too.  honestly, as much as i'm wishing the weather would cool off just a bit, i'm really going to miss flip flops, late night walks, green grass, eating outside, and long days.  henry has been generally unimpressed with all of the 'getting ready for the baby' stuff that's been going on.  he just wants massive amounts of attention, long walks, and a few rabbits to chase.  


Alex said...

pictures of youuuuu

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I really like the curtains! They are so fun!

And, that bruschetta looks great. I need to make some. I have an abundance of tomatoes.

CT mom said...

I like the curtains...quite cheerful! Babies see black/white contrast first then red and onto other bright colors with contrast.Plus they are unisex.

CT mom said...

PS...Henry is adorable:>