Thursday, August 25, 2011

things not to say to a pregnant woman

peter rabbit
peter rabbit mobile circa 1983.

...  "how much weight have you gained?"  
um, totally in appropriate.  it's even more inappropriate to say, "wow, that much?!" if i am dumb enough to tell you.  

...  "you can't be drinking coffee when you're having a baby/you're going to kill your baby by drinking coffee."
first of all it's decaf, second of all pregnant women are allowed to drink coffee, and third of all it's none of your damn business.  

...  "when my wife had her baby i had to leave the room because i got tired".  
wow, you sound like a stand up guy.  you got tired sitting around and left your wife who was actually birthing a child.  

...  "can you come and get me when the baby moves so i can feel it?". 
absolutely not.  

...  "hey there, preggers".  
fuck off.  

...  "wow, you're getting big". 
yes i am.  there is a human growing inside of me.  

....  "you can't eat cheese".  
are you a medical professional? no?  then i'm not interested in hearing your opinion.  

...   "i heard on the news last night that the breastmilk bank is running low.  you should donate some."
actually, i'm not lactating.  thanks for asking.  

...  "are you going to breastfeed?  because you should, it's better for the baby".  
again, thanks Dr. Sears.  when i decide to involve you in how i raise my child i'll let you know.

* side note:  these were all things that were said to me by either complete strangers or people i am not at all close with.  obviously if they were made by friends/family members they would not necessarily be inappropriate. 


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

People are crazy. They seriously said these things? They are cruising for a bruising.

Julie said...

The "getting big" comments drove me crazy. Like you said, you're carrying a BABY. What I really hated was when people asked when I was due, then looked at me like I was crazy when I told them. "Oh, you'll never make it that far." "You look like you're ready to go any day now." Really, because I have 2 months left. Ugh.

I'm sure you look great!