Thursday, August 4, 2011


things are far from being close to finished but i've been working hard on cleaning things out and getting things together so here's what we have so far.

a new dresser for our bedroom:
ps. how cute is ollie in this picture?

we moved our older dresser into the baby's room for a few reasons: 
1.  it's the perfect height for a dresser/changing table
2.  i wanted room in our bedroom for a pack n play/cosleeper if we decide to share our room with the baby for a bit.  (i'm still not 100% sure about this one, but we'll figure it out once we bring the baby home and can find what works for us)

here's what the old dresser looked like.  so happy to have those windows back!
new "curtains"

we have a crib and it's all set up.


that skirt is not yet really a skirt but eventually it will be.  

we have a baby money tree.
charlie and i got one of these when we first moved in together.  it's now huge.  i'm hoping we can figure out how to keep this tree from falling over like the last one.

baby money tree

and i made some 'art'.
i found this on pinterest and could not find the source anywhere despite a lot of googling.  
i'm not sure exactly where we're going to put it, but i like it.

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Anonymous said...

have that hemnes dresser--- love the two little drawers- theyre perfect for jewelry boxes and scarves :)

and ps love the curtains in the nursery!

pps... have you looked into a nap nanny? expensive but SO AWESOME and youll use it all. the. time.