Tuesday, September 6, 2011

3 day weekends.

are amazing.  
we certainly didn't get a lot done but we did do a lot of relaxing, something i'm getting quite good at.  
charlie raced in his last tri of the year (this makes it sound like he does dozens, when really he did 2 this year).  this makes both of us happy because i get my husband back on the weekends and he doesn't have to bike flagstaff mountain for at least a few months.  
i may have fallen asleep during the biking portion of his tri, but in my defense it was really nice outside, the grass was so soft, and he was gone for over an hour.  
boulder sunset tri
this was right before my nap.

on sunday i actually cleaned my car for the first time this year probably, i attempted to organize more things in the baby's room because having things without a place drives me insane, and we went out to dinner at the chophouse in denver.  i wouldn't recommend it, although it was nice to go somewhere different since we usually stick to the same 4 restaurants we always eat at.

the animals spent a lot of time doing this,
although don't let them fool you, they still went on some nice walks and dunkin played lots of ball.
lately ollie's been grooming dunkin a lot, which i think is pretty funny.  dunkin loves it and will make himself at still as possible, and then when it's all over he'll chase the cat across the room.

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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I love the last picture of the furbabies. So cute! Looks like a successful weekend in my book!