Wednesday, September 7, 2011


one of the things i wanted for the baby was a knitted hat. 
obviously having a baby in december means lots of cold and snow and handmade hats are about 100% cuter than anything i could buy in a store.  
what i don't remember is that my dad had promised that he would make a hat for the baby.  
so when i came home for our baby shower last month i found out that both of my parents had crocheted hats for the baby.  
they were most definitely my favorite gifts that we received.  

my mom made a blue one
hat made by mom

and my dad made this one. 
hat made by dad

yes that is christopher the bear modeling the hats.  i tried to get henry to help out but he wouldn't sit still long enough and his head was too big.  

hi mom.  thanks for the hat and dad's too.  

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Marina said...

Your dad knows how to knit? He is one cool dad!