Friday, September 9, 2011

it's a work in progress

we've slowly been accumulating things and figuring out where to put everything.
but here's what it looks like right now:
eventually a rocking chair/glider will end up in front of those windows.  and the middle two won't be tied together because i swear the point of hanging curtains was to actually use them.
i got those baskets for the bookshelf that hold receiving blankets and clothes that are currently too big, but that probably won't be for too long.  and once i figure out a way to hang that mobile up it won't be hanging on the bookshelf.

same thing really, just another angle.

here's the one usable wall:
those pictures aren't finished yet, i'm still moving them around and we still need a changing pad for the dresser.  eventually there will also be something above the crib.  once i decide what that is. 

you've already seen the awkward corner. and the closet/office is still a work in progress.  it's currently where i dump all my papers before i file them about once every 3 months.  

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CT mom said...

What a comfortable room! Cheerful and bright and not over-the-top "baby".