Thursday, September 8, 2011

table vs. chair

pretty much everything in the baby's room (except for the crib) has been furniture from other places and rooms in the house.  i've mentioned before that the room has sort of an awkward shape.  there are 3 doors:  a closet door, a bathroom door, and a door to the hall.  and each of the doors is on a separate wall.  oh, and there's also a wall of windows.  
anyway, there's a weird corner of the room that i'm planning on either putting and end table or a chair because they both need a home.  

here's the end table:
end table?

and here's the chair:  

i like the end table because it's bright, means extra lighting, and more storage but i think it would be nice to have an extra chair in the room.  


Anonymous said...

what about putting a fun fabric lined basket under the chair? add a pop of color, a place for toys, and a seat... just a thought.

(ps you have to translate that page into english lmao)

Anonymous said...
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Danielle said...

oooh, i like that idea. and i may have a basket already although no toys yet. someday ...

Julie said...

There's something about the way the table looks that feels good to me. I like it!

Emily said...

Hm, I'd say the chair. Is it two walls that come together there? For some reason the chair seems to fit in a space like that better than a rectangular table.

And I think one of the mini walls - or both - should have something on it if something's going to be below it. Maybe a framed birth announcement, name print, etc when the babe arrives?

Danielle said...

emily, it is a corner and the chair definitely fits the space better. i think i just liked the color from the end table. i hung a picture on one of the walls after i took this and it definitely has helped to fill the space!