Friday, December 16, 2011

happy friday.

as of today i'm on maternity leave.  except i have no baby.  my boss has told me that i'm welcome to come into work next week, and while i'm sure most people think i'm crazy for considering it, i just might work a few more has been a very welcome distraction these past few weeks when it seems that all i can think about and all people want to talk about is when this baby is going to come.  the thing is, i don't know when that's going to be and i've been very happy to have some place to go that keeps me busy all day long and doesn't give me time to think about the fact that we still have no baby.  the thing is, this baby is still less than two weeks overdue.  i think it just seems so much longer because ever since i hit 37 weeks people have been saying "any day now".  and when you're thinking it's going to be any day, a month can go by pretty slowly.  the good news is that the baby's fine, i'm fine, and if it were up to me i'd be happy to let it take it's time.  however i don't think my doctor is going to let it take too much more time.  

as a result of this baby being late, we've had a few people cancel or postpone trips to come and visit.
while on one hand it's a relief not to have to entertain visitors who were expecting a baby, it also makes me sad that we're not going to see some people.  i was really looking forward to spending time with family.  i'm definitely going to miss our usual christmas visit with my family.  while i knew it would be different this year with a new baby, i was still looking forward to seeing everyone.  now, we're going to have a really new baby and will definitely be missing our usual celebrations.

i've had several people tell me not to let the baby be born too close to christmas, as if i have any control over when this baby is going to come.  i also like the thought that i'm somehow ruining this baby's future birthdays by "letting" it be born so late.  yes i'm sure it sort of sucks to have a combo birthday/christmas celebration, but maybe it will just make this time of year that much more exciting.  charlie's birthday is the 17th and he seems to have survived just fine.  

meanwhile, these things are making me pretty happy right now.

a sleeping cat.

Living room.
a christmas tree.

Donuts I've been craving for 9 months.
donuts.  i've been wanting a donut for 9 months and finally caved. 


Julie said...

Just as you found throughout the whole pregnancy, people like to give you their opinions. I'm sorry to tell you it won't change once that baby gets here, but it sounds like you've got everyone under control. Hang in there!

CT mom said...

You and Charlie will have an incredibly special holiday with quiet cozy moments your new little one...a holiday you will certainly remember with tender thoughts.