Monday, December 5, 2011

lately ...

Saturday morning snow.

...  there's been lots of snow.
... we've been listening to christmas music.
...  my snow boots have turned out to be the best investment ever.
...  i can no longer zip up any of my jackets which is no fun when temperatures are in the single digits.
...  long walks have been my favorite part of the weekend afternoons.
...  the dutch oven and crock pot have been involved in all meals.
...  charlie and i have been enjoying monday lunch dates.
...  henry has been staring out the window.
...  we've been waiting and waiting for this baby to come.
...  i'm getting more anxious to find out what this kid's middle name will be.
...  sweatpants and yoga pants have been the only thing i wear on the weekends.
...  toby has been sleeping under the covers at night.
...  i'm loving coming home to walked dogs and a christmas tree.
...  winter hats have once again made an appearance.
...  ollie has been sleeping under the christmas tree.  

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