Wednesday, December 14, 2011

things i couldn't have survived pregnancy without

since i'm still pregnant i figured i'd make good use of my time and make a list of the things that were super helpful to me during the last few months.
Henry + baby

... apples
... yogurt.  specifically this yogurt.  yes, i eat kid yogurt.
...  mamma bee belly butter.
...  naps.
...  old navy tank tops and shirts.  super cheap and super comfy.
...  peppermint tea.
...  walks with the dogs.
...  an awesome yoga tape.  this one is free on netflix streaming and helped a lot with sciatica.
...  ice cream.
...  peanut butter.  it is sad how much of this i eat.
...  honey.  my breakfast every day is yogurt and a peanut butter and honey sandwich.
...  decaf coffee.  just as good as the real deal.
...  water.
...  american eagle jeans.  i'm still wearing these at 41 weeks. and i'm sure i'll be wearing them afterwards, too.
...  also these jeans and these, although i didn't wear either of them until the last month.
...  my rainbows in the summer.
...  toms in the fall.
...  minnetonkas in the winter.
...  hot chocolate.
...  this website and this one for weekly updates.  totally made my every wednesday.
... charlie.  he's assembled furniture, hung curtains and pictures, taken late night walks with me, made numerous trips to babies 'r us (more than i have), washed clothes and baby stuff, moved lots of furniture, done the majority of the cleaning, and he's also pretty excited to meet this baby.

and now i'm so over being pregnant.  although i'm thinking this baby is going to end up being more of a christmas baby than a thanksgiving baby.  or maybe it's really just holding out for charlie's birthday.  at this point i'd take a double birthday in this house because it would mean it coming sooner rather than later.  either way we're looking at a baby before christmas.  i'm trying to stay positive.  and the later this baby comes the longer my leave will be in the spring.  i'm just thankful that i have a job that's been flexible with my final days, otherwise i would have wasted a whole lot of leave waiting around.  it's been nice to have somewhere to go, something to do, and something to take my mind off of the fact that this baby hasn't come yet.            

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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Hope this baby comes soon! You look amazing, girl!