Sunday, December 11, 2011

still no baby.

yes, that's right.  4 days past baby a's due date and s/he's still not here.
i realize 4 days is nothing in the big scheme of things but these past 4 days have seemed like a month.  
i was really hoping to be at home with a baby on maternity leave at this point but i'm sure come february i'll be glad for the few extra days.  

we've been ready for this baby for the past month, which has made the time go even slower.
all the clothes are washed, our bags are packed, the carseat's installed, christmas presents have been bought and wrapped, and the house is clean (for now).  

charlie has completely lost all patience, but obviously he's going to have to wait a bit longer.  
i don't feel like this kid is coming any time soon.  

in the meantime we've been distracting ourselves with nighttime walks.
i love wandering around the neighborhood now that everyone has their christmas lights up.
Late night walk.

i've been baking lot of christmas cookies.
charlie ate 10 the first night.

Christmas cookies.

he's also officially obsessed with words with friends.
i find this ironic for as many times as he's refused to play scrabble with me.

Words with friends obsessed.

napping and cleaning have also proved to be excellent distractions.  
the dogs are pros at the napping.
i have a feeling henry's going to spend a lot of time awake once we bring this baby home so hopefully he'll be well rested.  i'm also hoping he calms down pretty quickly.  

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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Thinking of you guys! Hope he/she comes very soon to rock your world. ;)