Saturday, March 17, 2012

all the little things i don't want to forget...

despite the fact that everyone keeps telling me how tiny my baby is -  hello people, she comes from two pretty tiny parents, what did you expect? i can't help but think how BIG she's getting.  the other night during her evening 'i want nothing more than you to pace up and down the halls with me' session, charlie was walking with her and she fell asleep.  and really, is there any better time than when the screaming baby falls asleep?  i think not.  anyway, i was watching them and she just looked so grown up.  she was all floppy, one arm was dangling down, she was sockless, and one pants leg was hiked all the way up to her knee.  and she looked all big and sweet at the same time.  

my favorite thing would have to be nursing her, my second would have to be holding her when she's alseep, and my third would have to be watching charlie hold the sleeping baby.  

some of my favorite little things are when she yawns and sticks her tongue out at the same time, that big grin that i get first thing in the morning, her look of intense concentration when she's trying to figure something out, how she snuggles up to me in the middle of the night when she's eating, how she'll hold onto my shirt with one hand when she's eating, moving her top leg when she's eating, a big sigh when she's fed and perfectly content, how big her eyes get when she's somewhere new and trying to take it all in, her fatty fingers, chunky cheeks and thighs.  

and that's it for now.

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