Monday, March 5, 2012

life lately and a 10 week old baby ...

avery hit double digits (10 weeks) last tuesday.  despite the fact that she can't hold her head up, roll over, or sit up this makes her seem so old to me.  combine that with the fact that when i look at her now i don't see a newborn baby anymore and it makes me realize how fast the time is flying.  after getting her vaccines over a week ago sleep has not been nearly as consistent as it once was.  she's been up 3-4 times a night and her naps in her crib have shortened considerably.  the only time she took a solid 2 hour nap last week was when i was on a conference call (thank goodness for wonderful timing) but the rest of the days have been between 45 minutes to an hour in her crib.  on the plus side the weather has been warmer so we've been walking more and she'll nap the entire walk if she's in the ergo carrier.  i sort of regret buying that stroller since i pretty much never use it but i'm guessing once she gets heavier i'll use it a lot more.

A windy walk.
a very windy walk.

she's still the happiest in the morning and i have such a hard time getting out of bed on days that i work because i don't want to stop playing with her.  she knows that blowing bubbles will get us to laugh and she looks so funny when she does it.  she'll also blow them if you do.  that and smiling are her two favorite things.  the easiest way to get her to smile is just by smiling at her but she also loves when charlie 'eats her feet' or when you kiss her fat neck over and over or just make goofy faces.  she's a big fan of the 'fishy face'.

Cold day.
all bundled up running errands.  we're looking forward to summer.

she took her first bottle two days ago which was sort of bittersweet for me.  i knew we needed to make sure she'd take it so that she would be okay for daycare but right now i have such an emotional attachment to feeding her that it was sort of sad to see her take it.  i may have cried.  we actually tried first saturday night which was a disaster.  she refused the bottle and got pretty worked up about the whole thing before i just gave up an nursed her.  we tried again sunday morning and she was fine.  a little confused but fine.  and now i get to enter the time of trying to figure out how much milk i need to bring to daycare for her, how much to freeze per bag and the fun times of multiple washing pump parts and bottles every day.  to say that i'm thankful for my 2 days at home when i go back is an understatement.  

we've started a new nighttime routine which involves us in bed by 7:30 (yes, i know this is crazy early) but i read to her until she gets tired and then feed her and put her to bed.  she's liked this routine and has been a big fan of being read to instead of watching t.v. on the couch.  instead of a fussy baby i get a happy, smily baby and i don't feel guilty that we're spending time in front of the t.v..

Nighttime reading.
we're currently reading the long winter and i'm going to need to go to the library for the rest once we're finished this.

we've been using the boppy a lot to prop her up in during the day.  she seems to like to 'sit up' instead of laying down and it's perfect for when i need to get work done.  i've also heard it's really useful for when they start to sit up although we're pretty far away from that.  i've loved the boppy and still use it to feed her.  it's definitely an item that i would recommend.

hangin' out.

she is 100% charlie right here.

she's also gotten really into putting things into her mouth.  her favorite things right now are either her hands or my hands but we've also introduced sophie.  she's too small to really know what to do with it but it's one of the few toys she has that she can actually grab onto.  everything else is too big.  she grabbed a big handful of ollie the other night when the both were sitting on my lap and he looked back at her like 'what is going on'.  i have a feeling in a few short months he won't be sharing my lap with her anymore.


in non-baby news we are officially staying in colorado.  although we'll definitely miss our families i'm relieved to have the whole decision behind us.  after two months it's time to move on and move forward in one direction or another.  we're back to house hunting (there is nothing fun about this) and are looking in fort collins where the taxes are low, the schools are good, and there's plenty of hiking, biking, running, and boating nearby.  

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