Sunday, March 4, 2012


sunday am nap

oh, how i love the weekends.  i thought that being on maternity leave would make me love the weekends less, that it would sort of be like being on vacation where the days all run together but that hasn't been the case.  on the weekends charlie is off, i don't feel the need to wake up by 6 am (although we usually do anyway), and i don't feel the need to be hugely productive.  since i've been at home i've tried to get all of the house stuff, the cleaning, cooking, shopping, and laundry done during the week so that we have our weekends to relax.  however, i completely underestimated how hard it is to get all of those things done with a baby.  working around naps and feedings and my desire to hold her almost all of the time has made getting things done harder than i anticipated.  the moby wrap is helpful, but it's pretty hard to clean a bathroom with a baby tied to you.  

this weekend was the perfect mix of relaxing and productive.  we went to einstein for breakfast on saturday morning and then ran a few errands.  and it was the first time i found stores closed because we were actually out too early.  i have avery to thank for this new phase in life.  we came home and cleaned, took to the dogs for a walk and some ball playing even though it was really, really windy and after dinner charlie and i watched an entire movie in one sitting.  this is a milestone.  also avery only woke up once that night and after a week of waking up 4 times each night this was really nice. 

on sunday it was in the mid 50s, which meant our windows upstairs were open and it was still almost 80 degrees up there.  avery and i took a nap on our bed and it felt like spring although i think we've still got a long ways to go.  and now we're off for a walk ... 

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