Wednesday, February 29, 2012


 a nap!  and a mullet.

yesterday started out as one of those days where even doing the normal everyday stuff seemed overwhelming.  charlie was out of town, it was grey and cloudy, i had to work, and i was going on day 4 of a baby who refused to sleep anywhere but my arms.  she wouldn't sleep in her crib, in the cosleeper, or in the moby wrap. i had to physically be holding her.  needless to say the house isn't exactly the cleanest thing although charlie did a decent amount of cleaning on sunday.  then i checked my email and found a bill from the daycare which a.  reminded me that i'll be leaving my daughter in 2 weeks and b. was apparently their way of notifying me that they raised their rates. awesome.  

after a shower and a cup of decaf coffee (which i swore i would stop drinking) and a baby who slept for an hour in the moby wrap! i was feeling slightly better.  then avery took her usual midday nap in her crib, which made me feel about a thousand times better and let me get a lot of work done. and by the end of the day i had managed to work, empty the dishwasher, and cook dinner.  i made black bean soup which was perfect for charlie being gone (i knew he wouldn't really be a fan) and perfect for a cold, grey day.  and then avery and i climbed into bed at 7:30 with henry and a cup of tea and read the long winter until she decided it was bedtime.  

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