Friday, February 17, 2012

back to work.

well we've officially survived my return to work and although it wasn't nearly as hard juggling a baby and work as i thought it would be it did make me sad for my return to the office in only three weeks.  charlie had a busy week and wasn't at home at all so when i was working it was just me and avery.  i was a little worried about my conference call on tuesday but she went down for her usual morning nap just in time for the call and slept for 2.5 hours until i woke her up.  i was actually on the phone a lot on tuesday but between the morning nap and just being a happy baby when i was on the phone i didn't have to deal with any 'crying baby and my boss is on the situations', which is good because i'm not sure what i would have done.  i can't say it's good to be back but i can say that if i didn't have to go back to the office i wouldn't mind working.  it's the leaving the baby at daycare that i have a problem with.

Moby nap.
the moby wrap has allowed me to get a lot of work and things around the house done.  she's sleeping in it right now.  i went ahead and used a gift card to order the actual 'moby'.  the one i've been using has been great but it's too short, which is getting to be harder as she's getting bigger and it's really stretchy, which means that she ends up about a foot lower than where she starts out.

valentine's was more than low key this year.  charlie didn't get home until 5ish and by the time we finished working he wasn't in the mood for grilling steaks so we ordered chinese food.  turns out it was a good thing because on wednesday i asked him just to cook the steaks so that we'd be able to eat them eventually and we ended up running out of propane after about 5 minutes.  we tried to bring them inside and cook them in the toaster oven but all that happened was that the house filled with smoke so we ended up throwing them out.  cooking fail #524. 

Passed out.
she passed out pretty early on v-day.  charlie was upset because i dressed her in 'girl clothes'.  just wait until she starts wearing dresses. :)

and no we, or i guess i should say i, still haven't made a decision about where we're going to live for the next 10 years or so.  charlie is officially in the 'stay in colorado' camp and has been for the past few weeks and therefore is 'leaving the decision up to me'.  awesome.  i do miss my family a lot and would love to have them be able to be closer with avery and i don't hate the east coast like most people out here do.  we had friends over the other night and it turned into a 'lets bash d.c.' session, which gets exhausting.  i get it, colorado is awesome, the mountains rock, there's lots of traffic in d.c..  none of things are helping.  regardless of the traffic back east it's still where our families are.  and regardless of the fact that our families are back east i still think that our family is going to be better off in colorado.  it has nothing to do with the mountains or the skiing, but with the fact that our lives are easier out here and both charlie and i will be home more and therefore will be able to spend more time together and more time with avery.  i could potentially land a job that allows me with as much time as i get with her now, but i have no idea.  charlie will definitely be gone more simply because the d.c. market is much busier than the denver market.  so to sum up, i still have no idea what to do aside from convince everyone that they should relocate to colorado, which would solve all of our problems.  

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