Friday, February 17, 2012

8 weeks.

i should probably save this until next week when she hits her 2 month 'birthday' but she's become so much fun lately and changes so fast that i don't want to forget how awesome 8 weeks is.  for some reason 8 weeks seems really old to me.  i realize it's not really, but she's no longer brand new and i'd be sad about that but i'm loving how much fun she is. 

wish this was a better quality picture because she's so darn cute
love the hat.

overall she's a really happy baby.  oh sure she has her moments, usually in the evenings when she's really tired, but for the most part she's a smiley, fun kid.  she's happiest in the mornings and seriously cannot stop smiling for the first half hour or so, but as long as she gets her naps and food she's a happy camper all day.  she loves her 'activity mat' and can entertain herself there for about 20-30 minutes on good days and has started grabbing onto the animals.  i think most of the time it's accidental because it's almost like she can't figure out how to let go once she's holding on.  when she starts to get bored i'll come over and play with her, which usually involves singing stupid songs.  she's a big fan these days of 'bingo' except we sing it with 'henry' instead.  

she smiles all the time now.  if you smile at her she'll smile back.  it's pretty much my favorite game and i could play it all day long.  especially when we're out places like the grocery store and she'll be looking all around and then catch sight of me and smile like, 'oh you! i forgot you were here but i sort of like you'.  she's also started blowing bubbles and raspberries which also involves a lot of drooling.  

How can you not love 6 am when you wake up to this?
love the smiles.  

she's been taking marathon morning naps in her crib which are amazing.  she naps in the afternoon but not consistently yet.  she'll take about 3-4 short naps in the afternoon/evening before going to bed between 8 and 8:30.  i've been letting her nurse herself to sleep, and i know there's many people who would disagree with that but whatever, it works for us right now.  she's still sleeping in our room and i'm still swaddling her after she's half asleep but i'm starting to leave her arms out.  she likes to suck on her hands and will end up breaking out of the swaddle in the middle of the night so she can suck on her hand and go back to sleep.  she's waking up usually twice a night although there have been nights where it's only once and nights where it's three times, 2 is her normal.  

Much better!
we tried on a sun hat that i got her when the weather gets a little warmer.  

it's still a little big.  

A little too big...

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