Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2 months!!

i cannot believe that she's a whole 2 months old!  
charlie told me that she doesn't look any different than from her 1 month pictures but i think he's crazy.  for a little perspective she was wearing a newborn onesie in her 1 month pictures and is wearing a 0-3 month onesie in these pictures.  
to celebrate turning 2 months, she rolled over! twice!! i'm sure this is a milestone that she won't repeat for a while but i was pretty proud of her.  i was more proud of her than i was of myself when i graduated college.  even though she had no idea what the big deal was all about.

it's hard to get that hand out of her mouth these days.


it's sort of amazing to me how much i love being a mom.  i always knew that i wanted a family but i thought it would be hard for me to deal with the crying, and getting up 4 times a night, and giving up sleeping in on the weekends.  i think part of it was that everyone talks about how hard it is having a baby but they never talk about how fun it is.  i'm sure this would be much harder if she wasn't as good or happy as she is, but i still don't think it would make it less fun.  even when she's crying i want to hold her.  she's made the past two months the happiest of my life.  (i should probably keep this to re-read when she's 16 and screaming that she hates me.)


sleep has gotten better the second half of this month, too.  i took my mom's advice and keep her up until we go to bed, and then feed her and swaddle her.  she's usually semi-awake when i put her down but somehow this routine works better for her and we've eliminated the screaming that used to go with the swaddling.  last night she was wide awake when i put her in the co-sleeper and talked to herself a bit until she fell asleep.  it's definitely working better than having to wait until she was completely asleep before putting her down, which sometimes took an hour or so.  she's also taking a huge morning nap, which has been really helpful in getting things done.  i'm hoping that soon she'll combine all of her afternoon mini-naps into one big afternoon nap, although i don't mind the shorter naps when i'm out running errands or walking the dogs.  i don't feel like i'm ruining a nap by being out.  

feel the touch of the precious child and know a mother's love.
it's funny how it's the little things in life, that mean the most
not where you live what you drive or the price tag on your clothes,
there's no dollar sign on a peace of mind, this i've come to know.

when i've been trying to get avery to nap i've been singing 'chicken fried' and 'forever young' over and over and over to her.  i've always loved 'chicken fried' (it was on my must play list at our wedding) but the lines 'feel the touch of a precious child and know a mother's love' have a new meaning to me.  loving avery happened instantaneously, the second she was born, and i'm constantly amazed at how strong and unconditional it is.  

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