Sunday, February 12, 2012

meal plan - valentine's week.

yes, the week of february 14th is known as valentine's week.  it's also known as the week i start working again (sob).  i'm actually okay with the fact that i'm working from home this month, it's just the fact that i'm four weeks closer to the day i have to drop avery off at daycare that i have a huge problem with. i am a little nervous for tuesday since charlie will be gone and i have a 2 hour conference call with a baby that's not yet taking consistent naps.  she was doing really well last week with naps, but it's hard to get her down by 10 am which is when the call starts.  oh well, i'm sure i'll figure something out.

anyway meals.  i'm trying to leave tuesday and thursday as leftover nights this month since those are the day's that i'm working.  i have a feeling that the days i'm working from home will soon become 'crock pot' nights once i go back full time.

sunday. cheese tortellini w/tomato sauce + salad.
monday. i'm on my own for this one since charlie's out of town. leftovers.
tuesday (valentine's day).  charlie voted for steaks + parmasean potatoes + broccoli.
wednesday.  spinach and mushroom lasagna + salad + bread.
thursday. leftovers.
friday.   crockpot bbq beer chicken + salad.
saturday. leftovers.

lunch + leftovers. potato soup and/or sandwiches

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