Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1 month!!

i forgot to post this last month but i still wanted to so i'd have all of her months.  
i know a lot of people have done weekly pictures this first year but there's no way i'd be able to stay on track with that.  besides, i figured this way i'll really be able to see the changes from month to month.  i decided to take these pictures on our bed because i'm lazy and it requires no extra effort.  i've seen a lot of people get really creative with these but for me, simpler is better.

i can't believe it's been a whole month since she was born but when i look at pictures of when she was first born compared to now it's crazy to see how much she's changed.  she's definitely chunking up.  the cheeks and thighs are my favorite!  she was one ounce over her birth weight at her 2 week appointment and although she's still in newborn clothes she's filling them out much better than she used to.  

love the chunky cheeks.


my favorite thing to do is hold her and watch her sleep.  i know i should put her down so she gets used to sleeping in other places, but sometimes i just can't help it.  especially at night when she sleeps the longest stretches, i miss holding her (even though i appreciate the sleep).


it's been an amazing first month and i can't wait for the next 11 (although i don't want her to grow up too fast).  i'm looking forward to celebrating all of these holidays again with a one year old next year!  it's going to be a fun holiday season with charlie's birthday, avery's birthday, and christmas all in the same week!

cleaning and scrubbing can wait 'till tomorrow,
for babies grow older we've learned to our sorrow.
so settle down cobwebs, dust go to sleep,
i'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep.

this month was a whirlwind, but i loved how the world just seemed to slow down and fade away while avery and i got to know each other.  

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