Friday, February 24, 2012

it's the little things ...

she was mad.

...  almost 60 degree weather in february even if there were 70 mph winds.
...  walks with the dogs.
...  how charlie takes the dogs out in the morning.
...  a rare morning when we all sleep in until 7 am.
...  avery sleeping a 7 hour stretch last night!
...  checking on my sleeping baby and watching her sleep for a few minutes.
...  the moby wrap.  so many things get done because of this.
...  when avery falls asleep with each of her hands wrapped around one of my fingers.
...  an afternoon coffee with the family.
...  walks around fort collins.
...  real estate agents who do the home finding for us.
...  clean sheets.
...  when charlie gives avery her bath.
...  watching avery grab a handful of ollie.  just you wait cat, this is only the beginning.
...  a cold snowy thursday.
...  working from home.  (although this has been quite a big thing for me)
...  flickr, blogger, gchat, and facetime which have helped us stay in contact with people.
...  all of the clothes that people have given us for avery.  who knew baby clothes were so expensive.
...  gap baby clothes.  so soft.  although only worth the money when they're on clearance.
...  chunky baby thighs.
...  cooking dinner with charlie.

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