Wednesday, July 25, 2012

a catchup.

this past month has been amazing and so busy.  we've had a full guest room for the past 4 weekends in a row, which has made for some fun times, house progress, and a month that flew by.  

after our trip to telluride we came home and my parents were already at our house.  they stayed for a week and were so helpful in getting things done with the house, playing with avery, and it was really nice to see them.  i know avery loved them and was sad to see them go especially since they gave her so much attention and pretty much catered to her every need.  we were sad to see them leave, too, especially when we had to go back to work without our amazing babysitters with us.

avery with her grandpa.

while they were here we painted the basement ceiling (the basement was previously cream with a tan ceiling and trim), cut down the dead aspen tree in our backyard, weeded our back garden, and attempted to weed the garden on the side of the house, and made the curtains for avery's room, and hung the curtains in our family room.  i use the term "we" very loosely here as most of this work was done by my parents and charlie.  in fact the only things i did were make the curtains for avery's room, which involved cutting the bottom and ironing on a hem, and organizing her clothes.

before mom weeded.  :)
before the weeding

Thanks mom for weeding all of this.
and after.  big difference.

the weekend after they left we had a friend stay with us who was in town for work.  he helped charlie paint the basement on saturday and also helped us fix a few things around the house.  charlie's been working on painting the rest of the basement (the trim and doors) and we're almost finished.  even though i don't know what we'll do with that space i'll be so happy to have that done so we can clean out the garage and finally move things into storage.  

we ordered a couch for the living room and i'm painting another bookshelf that we already had for that room, which hopefully will get finished by the weekend.  right now we're just trying to finish the things that are taking up space in the garage, like the bookshelf and unpacked boxes, so that we can actually use it for our cars.  i refuse to have a garage that doesn't fit two cars in it.  especially in the wintertime.  

my sister-in-law and nephew also came to visit us last week and weekend and avery was completely in love with her cousin.  he's 9 months older than her but she was happy to watch him for hours.  we took them to the pool on saturday and the zoo on sunday.  they both really liked the pool and were mesmerized by the fish at the zoo.  it was a really hot day but still good to get out of the house and do something that was sort of fun for them and sort of fun for us.

cousins at the pool

getting ready to head home

avery was more impressed with her feet than the zoo animals.  she did manage to take an awesome nap while we were there, too.  

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