Wednesday, July 18, 2012

avery's room v.2


lots of versions lately.  
when you start looking for houses when your baby's 2 weeks old, you end up with multiple 'nurseries' for your daughter before she's even 6 months old.  when we finally bought this house i was so excited to finally live in a place where we could paint the walls.  avery's room was high on the priority list because i wanted a room where she could safely sleep.  sleep is also a high priority for me these days, which is why our bedroom and avery's bedroom were the two rooms i wanted painted before we moved into the house.  

we ended up hiring someone to paint a few rooms before we moved it.  something i feel slightly guilty about since we're perfectly capable of painting, but when we finally closed on our house i was freaking out because it was dirty and ugly and i had no idea how i was going to manage to pack our apartment, work, and fix up the house.  and honestly after trying to paint with a baby, something we've done plenty of after moving in, i'm glad that we had a few things done before moving in.  

i had a vision of a really, really pale pink room like so pale you almost can't tell it's pink.  that didn't work out at all.  i found a pink i liked, asked the paint mixing people in home depot to put in half of the color, and thought it would be good.  instead it ended up looking more pink then the chip so i bought some white and asked the painter to cut it with 50% white.  i still think it's too pink, but i'm getting over it.  

after the walls were done i wanted the other color i used in the room to be something that would tone down the pink a bit.  i ended up going with aqua, which i've really liked.  

all of the furniture was either in her previous room or something we had around the house.  i made a new crib skirt, curtains, and some art for the room. 


the crib skirt and the curtains i made from sheets i found at target.  i wanted a ruffled crib skirt this time since i thought it would hide some of the imperfections a little better.  it's not perfect but it looks a lot better than the first one i made her.

the canvas above her dresser is a quote from oh, the places you'll go by dr. seuss, which we read to her about a million times when she was a little bitty thing and we were trying to get her to fall asleep.  i hate the way it came out but love the quote.  she'll have to live with it until she can learn to talk and tell me she hates it, too.


the bookshelf is really the only furniture that's changed in her room.  we had this small one that was serving as extra storage space in our kitchen but no longer needed it in this house.  i didn't want to put that huge bookshelf in her room and i liked that this was white instead of an ugly blue that i need to repaint. i put only books on here that we reguarly read to her.  all of the other books, for when she's older and holiday books, will go on the bookshelf in the living room.  so many books.  not enough storage.

the three 'prints' above her crib.  the first was a quote i found on pinterest when i was pregnant and fell in love with.  the second is a print of 'star light, star bright'.  and the last is the lyrics to bob dylan's forever young.  i had those lyrics up in her other room and just changed the colors to go with this room.  i fell in love with that song a few years ago after watching parenthood and my dad actually gave us the lyrics at christmas time: completely coincidental but making them more meaningful.  i also sang that song to her about a million times during the first 2 months of her life when i was trying to get her to fall asleep.  well that and chicken fried by zac brown band.  there had to be some sort of balance.

overall i really like how the room turned out.  the curtains made the biggest difference and it was sort of fun decorating a room after knowing her for a bit to be able and fill it with things that are meaningful to her life and not just to us.

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Julie said...

It looks great, and I love the color of the curtains! After putting together the perfect nursery for Isaac's first room, I'm not looking forward to doing it again.