Thursday, July 26, 2012

lately ...

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some of these are old but i don't want to forget about them.  here's what we've been up to in july.

1.  avery eating outside. love summer.
2.  buddha belly.
3.  new shelves in the guest bathroom = a place for toilet paper.
4.  henry searching for rabbits.
5.  we got blocks!
6.  watching the thunderstorm.
7.  eating a strawberry: the beginning
8.  eating a strawberry: the end
9. playing with the fat cat.
10.  a sleeping baby.  my favorite thing.
11.  my flexible girl.
12. bed head.
13.  making baby food,
14.  lounging on the cat.  she thinks this is hysterical.  i think it tickles.
15.  a sad baby.
16.  waiting for dad in the car.
17.  swinging with grandma.
18.  grilling in the rain.
19.  good summer wine.
20.  silly kid.
21.  hanging with her cousin at the pool.
22.  watching the fish at the zoo.
23.  blueberry pie and ice cream
24.  possibly my favorite picture. 


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

These pictures are amazing. She is so cute and that baby belly just kills me.

Julie said...

Cutest buddha belly ever!