Tuesday, July 10, 2012

a break.


this past week was so wonderful.  charlie and i took last week off of work and headed out to telluride for a few days and then my parents came out and spent the rest of the week with us.  they just left today which means that for the past 2 weeks we've either had family visiting or been on vacation.  and it has been amazing.  i love having family visit because obviously we miss them and it's so nice to spend some time with people we mostly talk on the phone with these days.  but i also love that they get time with avery because skype and facetime are amazing but just not quite the same as snuggling 15 pounds of chunky love.  

telluride was great.  charlie and i were way overdue for a vacation and we had such a great time wondering around town,  eating amazing food, and of course the 360 degree view of the mountains never gets old.  

and it's so nice to spend time with family.  first, with charlie's mom who came out the week before and flew back the day we left for telluride and then with my parents who actually flew in when we were in telluride.  it's always a little sad coming back from vacation but having family there to greet us made me look forward to the trip back home.  

today was back to reality but i can't complain much as we had such a great break from it all and reality ispretty darn good, too.  

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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I've been totally MIA for too long. Between work before baby and now the haze of a newborn, I've not been reading blogs. But, your little one is too darn cute and I"m so happy for you. I understand the bittersweet of the end of vacation and family leaving. My folks are here for the summer, and I"m already dreading them going back to Arizona in the fall. It's going to be extra hard with Henry now.