Thursday, September 5, 2013

a little bit of house progress.

we've been busy getting some small projects here and there around the house.  i mentioned that before i felt like our whole house was a mess because we were in the middle of rearranging rooms, moving furniture, and trying re-do a few things here and there.  so, we're not done with any of these rooms but i do feel better about each of them as they're all slightly closer to being finished enough for now.  i figured i'd document some progress so that i actually feel better even though nothing is done.  hoping to finish up most of this in the next month or so as i think we're now in the hanging pictures and getting pillows stage of each room.  

our bedroom

new-ish curtains that i actually hemmed!  the henry canvas has been moved to the basement.

we're almost done moving things around in here.  we got a new comforter, painted our end tables (thanks mom), hung new curtains and a new curtain rod, and are in the process of switching out the pictures above our bed.  most of this has been free.  the end tables and paint we already had and i used curtains that i had left over from the living room.  i got us a new curtain rod since the old one that we had was too short and fell off each and every time that i opened the curtains, which was every single morning.  i got a few frames from our ikea trip and now i just have to hang them and find something to put inside of them. 

master retreat


we put the little table and chairs on this wall.

i should really do an 'evolution series' for this room since we've changed it so many times.  i mentioned that charlie relocated his office space to the basement and we had plans to just make this a sort of playroom-ish space where avery and the baby could play during the day.  we hung curtains that we had from avery's room in our apartment, organized all of our files and office supplies, and moved the futon and train table into this room.  we also put the little table and chairs that we got for avery from ikea up here and we're pretty much done.  i had bought the alphabet cards for the baby's room but i thought they were flashcard sized and ended up just hanging them in here.  this is still sort of a weird space for us.  we've talked a lot about having this room turned into a fourth bedroom as i think it would be better for us in the future and boost the resale value, but we'll see.  we're definitely not investing anything like that right now.

the basement


this room seems to get the least attention.  we did get a fireplace for the space to heat it in the winter.  and i think it makes the whole space look cozier.  there's still a lot that i want to do down here.  we need to hang pictures, find some sort of ottoman for the center of the table, get pillows for the couch, and figure out some window treatments.  i did buy a bunch of frames for this room and i know what i want to do, but now i need to buy the art to fill them and hang the frames.  charlie and i have very different ideas about how to hang picture frames.  he's more of a measure and mark and i'm more of an eyeball and nail kind of girl.  we also found out that the fireplace and tv are on the same outlet switch as the overhead lights so we need to rewire the switch.  that one is all charlie.

the nursery


we hung curtains.  i gave the baby the curtains that we used to have in our bedroom and we finally get a dresser, which means i can start putting some things away.  i still need to do a lot in this room and i'm not really expecting it to ever be finished since we probably won't move the rocking chair into the room for a while (we still use it all the time in avery's room) and we probably won't get a crib until after the baby's born unless i get motivated to do so beforehand.  overall, i'm just really unmotivated to do anything here besides get the essentials (diapers, clothes, changing pad) and i may even do nothing until after the baby comes and we know if the room's newest resident is a boy or a girl.  still thinking boy, but not willing to make any bets on it.  

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