Tuesday, September 3, 2013



whelp, it's official.  i'm old.  i turned 30 on  sunday, and i was a little sad to leave my 20s behind.  it was a pretty good decade.  i graduated college and grad school, met charlie, got married, moved to colorado, and had a baby.  a pretty good 10 years.  BUT these next 10 years have a lot of potential.  i'm looking forward to more stability and more time with the people i love. 

i didn't have any huge plans for my birthday.  mostly i just wanted to spend the day with charlie and avery without doing any house projects, cleaning, working, or errand running.  i was lucky that my birthday fell on a sunday so neither charlie or i had to work.  






don't say that henry looks old.  he's middle aged.  

we went for a short hike in the morning.  we did the flatirons vista trail, although we only did part of it because we were all hungry and avery was getting tired.  we actually haven't had her back in the backpack since last fall.  i cannot believe that we haven't done any hiking this summer, especially with the amazing weather that we've had all season.  she did great in the backpack and really seemed to enjoy it this time.  we hiked for a bit (really more of a walk) and then let her get out and wander around for a little bit before heading back.  as much as i miss my snuggly baby from last summer it was nice to have a happy, toddler who was into everything, pointing at the mountains and purple flowers and calling henry when he ran too far ahead.  we brought henry with us on the hike and left dunkin back at home.  he's getting so old these days and is limping around a lot.  :(  but we did play a little ball with him in the backyard when we got back home, so don't worry he still gets plenty of love.  


we wanted to eat lunch at centro but we had henry with us and couldn't get a table right outside where we could sit next to him so we ended up at pasta jays.  lunch was pretty good although i swear it gets harder and harder to eat out with avery these days.  






we came back home and hung out, watched charlie cut the grass, played with dunkin and then ate some cake.



and, in the words of tim mcgraw, here's to the next 30 years.

my next thirty years will be the best years of my life, 
raise a little family and hang out with my [hubs]
spend precious moments with the ones that i hold dear
make up for lost time here, in my next thirty years

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Emily @ imperfect said...

Glad you had a good birthday! Love that song - is it crazy to think that in your next 30 years you could be a grandparent? It's crazy for me.