Friday, September 20, 2013

vacation: part 4

are you sick of vacation recaps yet?  too bad.  they're almost over anyway.  i mentioned that we spent a lot of time on the beach.  basically the entire point of the trip was to spend time with each other and the ocean.  the view where we stayed was pretty amazing.  the southern california coast is definitely beautiful, although given the choice i'd take the southern east coast beaches any day.  anyway, we all loved the beach.  and when you're vacationing with a toddler sometimes your day starts really early (like at 4 am) and the only thing that can make that slightly less horrible is when you start the day with a walk on the beach.  our first morning there started super early and when i couldn't stand being cooped up in a hotel room with a tired and cranky avery any more we got dressed and headed down to the beach.  




it was actually not the magic fix for my cranky family.  at the time avery didn't really want to walk and was probably starving and exhausted.  but being the mean mom i am i dragged her to the beach before we headed out to breakfast.  she was pretty upset about this and i know we took these pictures before 7 am.  i promise that after this we found her some eggs and pancakes and then she took a nap in the car and woke up much happier.  


a crying avery and an annoyed charlie.  

see, she wasn't upset the whole time!

even though i don't think that avery or charlie fully appreciated our early morning beach trip i still think it was worth it.  i love the beach in the mornings when it's empty and the sun is just rising and we were pretty lucky that this was a clear morning.  and after a bit avery relaxed and realized that a walk along the beach wasn't the worst start to her day.  and then we went and got charlie a lot of coffee.

and of course the flip side to an early morning is a sunset over the ocean.  i find it impossible to take good sunset pictures, but i haven't spent that much time attempting to learn our camera.  on our last night there we realized we should probably head out and watch the sunset.  avery was in her pjs because we were normally putting her to bed around this time but we let her stay up a little later on our last night.  we had just eaten some ice cream and i'm pretty sure she was on a sugar high, running around all over the place and of course refusing to hold charlie's hand.  poor charlie.  one day soon she'll be all about holding your hand.  i promise.







on the day that we left i make sure that we walked down to the beach to say goodbye before we left.  we had plenty of time to kill before we needed to be at the airport so we packed everything up, checked out of the hotel, and then walked down the path for one last time before leaving.  it was really cold and cloudy that morning, which i thought was sort of cool but of course means you can't even see the ocean in these pictures even though we were standing right in front of it.  avery was really tired and you can see how she goes from sort of tolerating pictures so just falling asleep on us.  after we left, charlie carried her up the hill back to the car and she fell asleep during the walk and then crashed hard in the car. 


awake. also, how blonde does she look in this picture?!

barely awake.


and then we headed home and avery slept almost the entire flight, which was amazing.  it was so nice to have an entire week to spend together as a family and i'm so glad that we finally got it together and booked a vacation instead of just talking about how much we needed to do it.      

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