Friday, September 6, 2013

a toddler & a cat







i know i always talk about how cute these two are together, but really?  it's adorable.  and ollie is beyond patient.  i mean, look at his face when she's pulling his tail.  not many cats would put up with that period.  but he does it pretty willingly.  and right before that he was licking her.  in that last picture he had finally had enough, but she still was holding on tight to his tail and said "come ollie", while dragging him away.  and don't worry i did rescue him after taking this picture.  i really am more of a dog person than a cat person; if i had to choose between the two.  although i really do like having both. and avery obviously adores ollie (toby, too) which makes me so happy that we have this house full of animals for her to grow up with.  

remember his bath last week?  she still can't stop asking to give him another one and has even been pretending to give the tiny cat figure that she has a bath in her play kitchen sink.  pretty cute.  i've been telling her we can give them another bath when she turns 2.  i have to buy myself a few more months, because they did not enjoy it nearly as much as avery did and were actually a lot cleaner than what i was thinking they would be.  the 'self cleaning' gene that cats have is definitely a pro over the 'roll in dead animals' gene that our dogs have. 

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