Thursday, June 26, 2014

dunkin + henry







today avery asked me to take pictures of her with henry and then she insisted that dunkin join them as well.  she is actually not usually this nice to them.  i mean she has her moments but it's not all love.  in fact just earlier today i had to take a bracelet away from her because she was using it to hit henry on the head.  based on that she's pretty lucky that he was willing to stand next to her.  i think that all of the popcorn she fed him right before didn't hurt.  

they are such good dogs.  the best really.  they put up with a lot from her. and keep coming back for more.  or at least don't run away when they see her coming.  i hope she always loves dogs.  i can't imagine not having them around our house and they are the best companions.  i'm so glad that she can at least appreciate them some of the times and i'm so thankful they love her.      

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