Tuesday, June 24, 2014

happy two and a half, avery!


at two and a half you ...

... call daddy charlie about 90% of the time.  
...  call me honey about 50% of the time. 
...  you love your little sister and ask to hold her, and play with her, and help her do things.  honestly you're a fabulous sister almost all of the time.  but sometimes you will push her over for no reason and then smile sweetly at me while she cries.  
...  you are still pretty tiny!  some of those 2T pants don't stay up too well on you. 
...  you love to read and are mostly into reading to yourself these days.  you have quite a few books 'memorized'.
...  you want to DO IT YOURSELF.  i get it. 
...  you have informed me that i am your favorite girl, daddy is your favorite daddy, ellie is your favorite sister, and henry and dunkin are your favorite dog.  
...  you love to hear stories and request them all throughout the day.
...  you are independent.  you want to do what you want regardless of what other kids are doing. 
...  you love ice cream and marshmallows and popsicles.  you also love pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, and onions.  
...  purple is your favorite color and you love butterflies.
...  you love to be outside.  
...  you are just starting to walk up and down steps and are very proud of yourself each and every time you do it.  you'll tell me, 'i walked up the stairs ALL BY MYSELF".  and then we high five. 
...  you refuse to wear jeans.  apparently they are "too tight". 
...  you want to help with everything.  and usually you do!
 ...  you play pretend all the time.  you have an amazing imagination and i hope it never goes away.
...  you love the water and fish.  you have a counting book that has 7 fish and one is a shark and you get mad every time we read it: "that's not a fish that's a shark".   
...  it's june but you still talk a lot about christmas.  i cannot imagine how excited you're going to be when it finally comes this year.  we still read christmas books although we've managed to put off your requests to watch the grinch.  
...  you've informed me that ellie is going to be a bear for halloween but you're not sure what you should be.
...  you love to dance and are officially requesting your first country song (yes!), which is "this is how we roll".    
...  you give the best hugs and tell us that you love us for no reason.  when ellie hugs you (i.e. grabs your hair and tries to chew on your face) you tell her "awww, i love you ellie".  
...  you sleep with bunny and tiger.  and are very specific about your bedtime routines.  if charlie is around you want him to put you to sleep.

you are so.much.fun.  i love this age you are at even though sometimes you are not very logical, i suppose that's to be expected.  but you are still the sweetest and i cannot believe that you're already two and a half, halfway to five!! crazy.  love you, little a.   

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