Wednesday, June 25, 2014

ellie grows up: 7 months


oh ellie, you are seriously at the squishest, happiest, best baby age ever.  you're still such a baby but you are really enjoying interacting with the world around you.  what life is like for you at 7 months:

... you cosleep.  you love it, it's working for us, and i actually enjoy the snuggles most of the time.
...  you're a champion sitter and can get from sitting to your belly.  you actually sit in a 'split position' most of the time, which is funny to me.  
...  you want to crawl! but you really can't figure it out yet.  
...  you mostly like your big sister.  you guys are so cute together although she is a big sister, which means she can be a pain at times.  i know because i was one, too. 
...  you are loud! you squeal, yell, scream, babble, blow raspberries, and make indian noises.  of course you are at your loudest when we try and do things like eat out at a restaurant.  you also love to yell at your sister's gymnastics class.  i think the high ceilings and the music gets you really excited.
...  you do not like to be left alone.  you can play really well by yourself but prefer that someone else is close by.  
...  you've figured out how to digest solid foods and now are eating something twice a day.  pears are still a favorite but you also like mangos and bananas.  applesauce was not a hit and you don't really like vegetables either.  i guess only the sweetest things will do. 
...  you grab everything and immediately put it in your mouth.  you're actually pretty quick and strong so we have to be careful when we put things down near you. 
...  you love ollie.  you don't get to pet him much because avery usually is too rough and scares him away but you get so excited to pet him any chance you get.  
...  you are the smiliest baby every.  charlie actually pointed out that you tend to swing in both directions more than avery every did.  you're both so much happier and so much sadder than she ever was.  she was a pretty chill cucumber when she was your age.  
...  you're napping two to three times a day and sleeping about 10-12 hours at night.  i think you would sleep better at night but lately i've been having to change your diaper in the middle of the night once or twice and it's always hard to get you back to sleep after that. 
...  you love to stand and get the proudest look on your face whenever you do.  you can't pull yourself up but you love when we help you stand and will do so for quite awhile.  i think it brings a totally new perspective for you.

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