Friday, May 8, 2009

It's the little things ...

pretty soon we will be here. getting married. [not on this rock, though]

... supportive family and friends
... drinking a cup of tea [make that multiple cups] while reading a good book.
... good non-fiction. not too boring.
... rereading Love the one you're with. Not sure why I like that book so much.
... the way my cats immediately jump into any opened window and sit there for hours.
... getting a tan. it's been a long and pale winter.
... long walks everyday with my dogs. i LOVE this weather.
... the first dinner outside of the season.
... the first beer served before the first dinner. there's something about beer that makes it so much better outside.
... splitting meals with the dude.
... cat-sitting swaps.
... planning our honeymoon. super excited about this one!
... only one more final before I am done with my first semester of grad school.
... flowers in clay pots.
... getting mail with C's first name and my last name on it. [I've been trying to convince him to change his name.] ;)
... getting married in 23 days!!!
... sending flowers to my mom for Mother's Day.
... getting my mom an awesome present for her birthday and finding out she bought the same thing for me for mine.
... lilacs. mmmmm.

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