Thursday, May 21, 2009

One. More. Week.

Oh, the craziness of my life right now. Wedding planning has been stressful. We're getting down to the wire and it's been hard trying to coordinate everything and finish up all the last minute projects. Not to mention that I think my entire family has been a ball of stress lately. Luckily Charlie's been helping out, calling people when I don't think I can deal with another vendor and calming me down when I start to freak out about the amount of people coming.

I cannot wait to:
... see my friends and enjoy some time with them when I get back.
... read my trashy novel that I got for the plane ride.
... see Charlie on 5.31.09
... stay in the Key Bridge Marriott that night.
... see our families.
... come home and just be married.
... get our pictures back.
... go camping this weekend.

Luckily, we've been outside a lot recently, enjoying our beautiful weather. It's kept me sane. I've also been cooking more, reading more, hanging with the dogs more. I'm going to miss them when we're gone. I'm actually a little sad that we have to leave them in a kennel. I'm sure they'll get over it, but they've never been boarded before.


Taryn said...

You are getting soooo close!

mollyandmarshal said...

Ah! You must be getting excited! I know it's stressful, but take it all in, it only happens once! I can't wait to see pictures!

Emily said...

It's going to be over soon - and I can assure you it will go more smoothly than you're imagining. Good luck, thinking of you!