Friday, May 1, 2009

1 Month

... that's right, folks. One month until the dude and I tie the knot. I'm getting quite excited actually. [Despite my anxiety over everything I have to do.]

Now let's talk about the name game. I've mentioned before that I'm keeping my name and that C would like me to change it. Really, I would change it in a heartbeat if I wasn't so attached to it. I just cannot imagine not having my name and I know I could change it to my middle name, but really, how often do you use your middle name? I've looked into every alternative that would allow me to keep a part of it and take a part of his. I tried hyphenating: that gives me a last name of 18 characters. Waaay too long. I thought about just adding his, so that I'd have two different last names and just use one. But that sounds pretty complicated. I thought about taking his name as my middle name. Again with the middle name. What's the point? In the end I decided just to keep mine. If I ever decide that I want to change it, I can. [It also helps that I didn't know I was supposed to make this decision before getting our marriage license, which I got a few weeks ago. Oops.]

Anyway, same last name or not, I can't wait to marry this guy. Here's to forever, baby.


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Taryn said...

I am a little envious of your decision. I was in love with my last name too. I tried all the same ideas as you- but ended up making it my middle name (my mother also did this). I like it as my middle name because Chris still calls me by my old name sometimes and I love it. And I love having my old name with me- even if it hides in the middle! = ) One good think about Chris' name is that it is super common- so despite my unique first name, you can't find me on the internet! = )

I am excited for you both!